About Us

HbyBox is an ambitious small business of a university student in the Southern region of the Canadian province of Ontario. We are a subscription box company that aims to provide our customers a new experience each month and to help them disconnect from the fast-paced life in the new digital age.

The inspiration behind HbyBox came up during the pandemic of Covid-19 that took the world by surprise. Our lives changed considerably and humanity's shift to the digital age was fast-tracked. With everything at our fingertips in this age of information, there is so much that we can not learn.

We are not just another craft box. We are a box that puts you through an experience while teaching you a new skill. We curate new boxes that help you find new hobbies.

Learning new skills or DIY's can be quite expensive and extra trip(s) to the store is the last thing we need. We aim to bring you all the materials that you would need to try the secret hobby of the month. Our boxes are curated to include high quality materials that are locally sourced.

We have loads of ideas in the pipeline for you and you never know what you will like unless you try it. HbyBox allows you to divulge your mind and senses into a new experience each month. Some experiences may be better than others and some could be your next passion.


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