Candle Making Guide

Quick and dirty candle-making guide

Materials and Ingredients

  • 80 grams Soy wax packs (Each individual pack contains the right amount of wax for a single jar.
  • Red, blue and yellow candle dyes
  • Pumpkin pie fragrance oil. (Smell it, its awesome)
  • Thermometer (In Adventure and fun sized Hbyboxes)
  • 30 ml Steel melting and pouring pot. (In adventure sized Hbyboxes)
  • Amber Candle jars


Prepare a double boiler or the metal melting pot on the stove top. If you do not have the melting pot, use of a double boiler is recommended. pour in the wax in your container and heat it up to no higher than 185F till the wax melts.

At 185F add a few drops of fragrance oil (30 ml of fragrance oil is enough for a pound of wax and we are using, a single jar uses almost 1/10th wax of that amount). ENSURE that the temperature does not go over 185F since the flashing point of the fragrance oil is 190F. As a safe measure keep the wax between 160F and 185F to ensure good incorporation of fragrance oil and the wax.

At the same temperature range, add the dye to your wax as well. To give you more flexibility in future projects we decided to splash on dyes and include 3 primary different colors. To get a great burnt orange look, add yellow and red color dyes drop by drop till you get a shade of orange that you are happy with.

To get the burnt look add just a tiny drop of blue dye to get a more darker burnt look. Melted wax with colored dyes will look darker than how it will look after it dries up. To get a better idea of the true color of the candle, pour a tiny bit of the melted wax on a white paper.

The wax will dry up quickly and show you how the candle will look once it dries completely. ENSURE that during the whole procedure the temperature remains around 180F and no higher than 185F.

Finally, let the wax cool down to a lower temperature of around 115F to 145F. Before you pour the wax into the jar, prepare the wicks by tying the open end of the wick to a craft stick so you can easily center the wick. It is important to center the wick to ensure consistent burning.

keep the metal part of the wick dead center of the jar and rest the craft stick on top of jar so that wick does not move around during the pour. Finally, when the wax is at the pouring temperature range (120F - 140F). Pour the wax into the jar and let is cool down completely. Voila there you have it! Your first candle making project all done.